Gancanagh picA gancanagh (which means: “love talker”) is a male fairy known for seducing human women. The gancanagh is irresistible to woman – usually pale with dark hair – but can take other forms to attract his victims. They stalk their victims and listen to their inner desires to become the perfect specimen. This illusion allows the gancanagh to easily seduce woman and engage in carnal delights before disappearing into a mist. According to mythology, the gancanagh secretes a toxin from its skin creating an attraction is so intense, some woman waste away after suffering its touch. Their thoughts are consumed by desire for the gancanagh until death claims them.

The gancanagh is typically depicted wearing a farmer hat carrying a clay pipe, as that is the form members of the male persuasion see when they are faced with one.  In addition to their charming personalities, Gancanagh are also said to have beautiful singing voices, and often find a profession as traveling musicians.