Dearg DueDearg-due which translates to, “Red Blood Sucker,” shares similar elements to the modern day vampire. The legend states that the Dearg-due was a pretty young woman who was the daughter of a prominent member of the community. The young woman was in love with a peasant, and they planned on building a life together. Her father felt differently and promised her to a wealthy older man, (in some versions the chieftain of the tribe). Forced into a marriage with an abusive husband, the young woman took her own life.

Her lover cried over her grave, asking for her to return. In some versions of the story the young woman rose on the one year anniversary of her death, others place it years after the event.

Seeking vengeance, she visited her father while he slept. Placing her mouth over his, she sucked the life from his body. Next she visited her former husband, and gorged herself on his blood – sustaining her life. With her new thirst for blood, she feeds on the innocent to placate her hunger.

It is reported her grave is located in Waterford, Ireland under a Strongbow’s Tree. Once a year (or depending on your belief) the locals place stones on her grave to keep her from rising and luring young men to their bloody death.